Rosé’s are Forever

Rose in Provence


Rosé season is often associated with the late spring to late summer. That just seems like we are limiting how well this wine can perform year-round. It is true that most roses are not available year-round, because of the growing season and the bottling time. The truth is that Rosé can be enjoyed all year if you put your mind to it.  


One of my favorite Rosé wines that you can find most of the time is Anything by Château Miraval. It is owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and it was recently voted the most desirable Provence Rosé in the world. The wine itself often expresses an aromatic bouquet of fresh fruit, fresh cut currants and roses, it has a slight zested lemon and a mineral saline finish. 

In France, Provence is the temple of Rosé, and many consumers look to this region as the Rose headliner. Provence describes Rosé as wine that is made from red grape skins macerated in their own juices for a period of time. Although we make a ton of Rosé, it is produced in every major country and made of nearly every grape variety. Rosé can range in taste from dry to sweet. So, the next time you decide to have Sunday brunch or toasted walnuts and Brie maybe think about pairing a Rosé, still or sparkling will do just fine.

Serge Chapuis
Photo by Serge Chapuis