Wine Girl, The Trials and Triumphs of America’s Youngest Sommelier by Victoria James


The process of becoming a sommelier is a daunting one whether you do so through class work, on-the-job training or some combination. The sheer volume of information that must be learned, theory, history, winemaking techniques, geological nuances, climate, grape varieties, countries, villages, wine law, flavors, etc. is truly a task that can never be completed.


In Victoria James’ Wine Girl, she shares her very personal journey to becoming the youngest sommelier in the United States. Her vulnerability and brilliance shine through the narrative that is personal and at the same time an honest rendering of the cutthroat restaurant and wine worlds in New York City. The narrative is not capricious, Victoria takes the reader through the points in her life that both shaped and provided learning moments for her as a female leader in a very male-dominated profession.


Today, Victoria uses her experiences to empower and educate those who may not typically choose the profession due to myriad barriers to entry: expense, time, access, and acceptance. Her organization, Wine Empowered, provides tuition free wine education to women and minorities in New York City. 


This inspiring book will be a good read for wine lovers as well as those looking to be inspired by a less traditional path.


Published by: Ecco, March 24, 2020.