An American in Piedmont, Chapter 2 - Springtime in Langhe



Rebirth, renewal, and the mosaic of green that assaults the eyes - hallmarks of Spring. Springtime in Langhe, Italy follows these perpetual rhythms. The landscape is dominated by the vineyards of nebbiolo, barolo, dolcetto, barbera, moscato and several other regional grapes. Here, in addition to the rebirth, renewal, and the mosaic of green, we find that locals like the Isyk-Coles family are focused on repair, preparation and anticipation of budbreak on the vines.

Visitors know that Langhe is the indisputable center of wine, (white) truffles and the slow food movement in Piedmont. As a result, springtime means the influx of foreigners making the pilgrimage to the rolling hills of the region. Each year, the Isyk-Coles family notices more and more tourists, this is good and bad. The locals love sharing their wine, food and culture, but also want to preserve the delicate balance they share with the land around them.

In spring the work in the vineyard begins in earnest. The vines are reanimating and so are Traci and Graham. Today they are well-versed in the work that comes with the season: the vines are fertilized, trellis wires are pulled or repaired, winter cuttings are mulched into the soil, and the tractors and equipment are checked for any failures and, time-permitting, cleaned. This work is not the backbreaking work of summer, but it takes skill, patience, and a good checklist.

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