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wine folly

The Memphis Wine Society is honored to be partnered with Wine Folly for education materials. If you would like to grow your wine knowledge or start your journey, please contact info@memphiswinesociety.com




Exploring the world to find the best family-owned and responsibly farmed wine and spirits.

Nature provides the magic to create exceptional wines and spirits— we simply look for those families that truly know how to harness it.

Our boutique-minded approach to distribution allows a personal touch for both retailers, restaurants and our producers alike.

Enthusiasm, experience, and pure wit comprises our three owners. Wine Director Damian Serong, alongside partners Michael Stainbrook and Michael Ward, bring over 20 years of experience to the table.

Visit: www.franklinselections.com




We hope to bring a new mindset to the wholesaler/distributor role. We prefer to think of ourselves as a combination of a broker both for you as well as for the end consumer.

We work with producers that have great products at all price points and present them as close as possible to the end consumer. We operate as a family, closely aligned with each supplier, understanding their vision and ensuring it aligns with ours.  We are responsible to our production partners to reach people they cannot and we are responsible to the consumer to deliver high quality products at every price point.

Through our shared experiences we have learned some immeasurable truths: work with good people – people you trust, advocate for who and what you believe in and work with a purpose of achieving good results for good people.  That is our intent for our suppliers, our customers and everyone who enjoys a product we represent.

Visit: www.phoenixselections.net




The Memphis Wine Society is happy to support our friends at Buster's Liquors and Buster's Butcher.

Visit: www.bustersliquors.com or stop by their store. 




Enjoy curated wine gifts and Memphis Wine Society special discounts from our partners at Pinecone Home

Pinecone Home is a small family business in Cincinnati Ohio specializing in handcrafted personalized home decor and recently celebrated 10 years in business. 

The Special Reserve Collection offers the perfect gift to any wine lover and gives reclaimed wine barrels new life as functional home decor including as a serving tray, candle, bottle stopper or marshmallow sticks. The barrels come directly from California wineries to their Cincinnati workshop where they handcraft each gift. As partners with Memphis Wine Society, members receive 15% off any barrel gift with coupon code MEMPHISWINESOCIETY at www.PineconeHome.com The Memphis Wine Society has product samples on hand if members would like to see an example of items prior to purchasing.






The Memphis Wine Society has partnered with Paolo Bari of Wine & Culture, a premier tour operator in Italy to take you on a truly unforgettable wine, food and culture journey starting in Venice and ending in Rome called Roots, Back to Origins! This tour will take you not only through some of the best and most important wine growing regions of Italy but also to the most significant and famous food and cultural stops as well. You will get a behind the scenes look at wine growing and making from local experts and wine producers. This is a tour not to be missed. Members receive a 5% discount on the price of the tour.

Book now for the upcoming tour. Space is limited to a small group of Italian food, wine and cultural enthusiasts.

Contact Paolo Bari at

US Office: 1-302-388-1631

Email: Paolo@wineculture.it